Trendovi njege kože za 2023.: Vrući proizvodi koji će zaista transformirati vašu kožu

How do you take good care of your skin so it can also take good care of you? This article answers this question by focusing on the 2023 skincare trends and the hot products that will truly transform your skin. 

Things Go Minimalist 

Like most other things in today's society, skincare routines in 2023 will move towards minimalism, represented by the use of multi-purpose skin care products. This means that one product will do the work done by several products in the past. So, you’ll need less space on your bathroom shelf for skincare products. 

The main benefit of multi-purpose skincare products is that they save time and money because you use fewer products and only buy one item that does multiple jobs. 

With the growing popularity of the minimalist attitude toward skin care, you can expect to see lighter makeup. The days of onerous skin care regimes will slowly give way to skincare that focuses on leaving the skin as natural as possible.

Winning products will be those that keep the skin dewey and glowing, like the 5-star rated Obagi Hydrate. They represent a celebration of natural beauty and an appreciation of the reality that individuals are unique.  

What's In It? The Main Question 

It's no secret that consumers are becoming more discerning, which leads them to invest time in reading labels. This view is supported by a 2021 study, which revealed that 80 posto of consumers read labels. 

This means that you can expect skincare producers to pay more attention to the ingredients they use, gravitating towards environmentally friendly alternatives, including: 

  • Gotu kola: a medical herb famous for treating skincare problems such as eczema and leprosy in the East, especially East Asia but is also becoming prevalent in other parts of the world.   
  • Na biljnoj bazi kolagen: a protein that gives our bones, skin, muscles, and tendons structure and strength, found naturally in our bodies and plants.
  • Niacinamides: vitamins that assist in building proteins in the skin, locking in moisture, and protecting the skin from environmental damage.   
  • Ceramidi: are fats naturally found in the skin and are responsible for keeping it moist and ensuring that germs do not invade it.  
  • Carnauba vosak: a wax made from a plant found in Brazil and is responsible for making cosmetic products easier to apply.  
  • peptidi: are intended to increase and replenish amino acids, which serve as the basis for synthesizing collagen, the protein that provides structural support to the skin.  
  • Pearl Protein: is made from ground fresh or saltwater pearls and contains trace minerals, calcium, and amino acids, which are all good for the skin. 
  • Eterično ulje geranije: is extracted from the leaves of a plant known as Pelargonium graveolens, native to South Africa but now grown all over the world. It is mainly used to treat inflammatory skin conditions, dermatitis, and akne

Other ingredients to look out for in 2023 include green tea, vitamin c, rosehip oil, and hemp seed oil. 

Održivo pakovanje 

Besides ensuring that the ingredients used when manufacturing skincare products are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly, manufacturers will also focus on sustainable packaging.

In the sustainable packaging area, we will see more consumers looking at whether the packaging of their skin care products is produced responsibly. They will want to use recyclable containers. 

Manufacturers that are carbon neutral will also be in vogue. The use of recyclable containers will not only save the environment, but it will also save consumers money.    

Holistički pristup 

In 2023, skin care trends will move toward a more holistic approach. This is in line with the desire for sustainability. The days of using harsh products to over-exfoliate the skin will be replaced by products made from gentle ingredients, such as green tea, witch hazel, and seaweed.

The holistic approach to skincare that we will see becoming more popular in 2023 is premised on the idea that the health of your skin depends on your overall health.

Therefore, it's important to eat a healthy diet, cut out alcohol or consume it in moderation, find ways of managing stress, keep vlaga in the skin by drinking lots of water, sleep adequately, and avoid harmful habits like smoking.

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